• online hair salon booking system
    hair salon bookin system


    Frustrated with the restrictions of many alternative booking solutions?

  • online beauty salon booking system
    hair salon booking system


    No long term contracts like so many other booking systems

  • online hair salon booking system
    hair salon bookin system


    Busy salon? Have multiple computers logged in with different staff

Click on the following tabs which show off the main features of the system

Cloud based system

All your data is stored remotely, which means you can access it from anywhere in the world when you have internet access.

Need to check tomorrow's bookings from home? Do it online!

On holiday? Log in and see how your staff are doing while you're away!

No costly setup

Many alternative systems force you to buy expensive equipment. We don't. All you need is a way of reliably accessing the internet.

Use your own hardware

You can use your own laptop, PC or Mac, and even an iPad or tablet PC will perform most functions. For best results a keyboard and mouse will help you access all the features more easily.

Multiple logins - at the same time!

Busy salon? Have multiple computers logged in with different staff - one for checking out customers, one for taking phone calls to make new appointments, one for booking in, and as many more as you want.

Changes quickly show on everyone's screen without having to refresh the page!

Fast booking procedure

We've made it really quick to book a customer in. As long as you have a reliable broadband connection, bookings can be made in a matter of seconds!

Automatic SMS Reminders (optional)

Our low-cost solution to help cut down on costly 'No Shows' - a simple text reminder the day before that they can REPLY to and you will see the different coloured result on your screen.

If they confirm, great! If they cancel, the booking stays there until you cancel it - giving you time to call the client and REBOOK them so that you don't lose out on them as a customer!

Easy Rebooking

Need to change an existing appointment? Select it, choose the option to change the date and time, and when you set the new one up the old booking is removed automatically!

Setup Regular Repeat Bookings!

Some regular clients see the same stylist every week, fortnight, month, etc. Choose how often and book up to a year's worth of appointments in a couple of clicks!

Colour-coded booking status

The colour of the appointment tells you its status - Booked / SMS Confirmed / SMS Cancelled / Arrived / No Show / At Checkout / Paid.

Quickly see the state of your day's customers.

Easily identify new and regular clients

A simple mark on each booking tells you whether the client is new or a regular for this stylist.

Stock Control

Keep track of your product sales and stock levels, and even create Purchase Orders that you can print out and fax!

Client History Data

Keep records of what you did and what you used on your clients - essential if they say they want the same colour as last time or the time before that!

Plus much much more!

Please use our Book a Demo form where we can go through more great features on the Inspired Bookings system.